mellie-buseMellie Buse was the Head Writer and Series Producer for Jim Henson’s The Hoobs, which has been running on the UK’s Channel 4 for over ten years and won a Bafta in 2002. She then ran the writing on a Henson Co-Pro with Australia called Bambaloo.  Along with colleague Jan Page she co-wrote and produced Grandpa in My Pocket and Ha Ha Hairies both of which have had numerous Bafta nominations and wins in England and Wales.  They also wrote an entire series called Five Minutes More for ABC Australia, along with episodes of Fireman Sam and The Magic Roundabout.  They script edited Guess with Jess and developed Toby’s Toy Circus.

Mellie was Head Writer on the award winning Charlie and Lola, was involved in the development of Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat and has written on many well known kids’ brands including Angelina Ballerina, The New Adventures of Captain Pugwash, Jess The Border Collie and Mopatop’s Shop.     Mellie has also written numerous songs including two pop operas and is a highly experienced voice director, having spent much of her early career in Audio publishing and radio.

martin-franksMartin Franks is an experienced Producer, Director and Voice Director who Lead Directed both Grandpa in My Pocket 4/5 and The Ha-Ha Hairies. He directed Waybuloo for the BBC and What’s Your News? for Nickelodeon. He also directs and produces Corporates and Commercials. He worked in Social Welfare for a number of years including projects in prison, with probationers and other government departments such as the Cabinet Office. He is also a qualified teacher and has worked extensively with Children and Young People and lectured in Communications. He is responsible for developing new Adult and older teen drama and digital content.