Magic2Media is the home of Adastra Development’s Digital IPs.   We are developing and producing short form content for online platforms both for preschool and for the older childrens’ demographic.  We pride ourselves in being able to create, write and produce short-form content, all in-house, for the very tight budgets that work for digital platforms.  We are in the process of training up a young, enthusiastic production team, many of whom are currently studying film or media.  Magic2Media will continue to offer opportunities to young people who are keen to work in the industry, all of whom are proud to be creatively involved in the content that we’re producing.

The company takes its name from a particular mixed content shot that has become a bit of a trademark for us at Adastra.  The “magic two”, as it’s come to be known, occurs where we have a stop frame character and a live action character interacting in the same shot.

We are currently in production with 40 episodes of Bitziboos – a mixed content show with stop frame animated puppets and live action presenters.   The show is a nursery property, targeted at 1 – 3 year olds and it’s underpinned by a language acquisition curriculum.  It takes simple themes that are relevant to the target age range and explores them through song, rhyme, movement and story.  The language in the show is very simple and is “scaffolded” to introduce new vocabulary then to re-enforce it in a contextualised way.

The Bitziboos characters span the age range of our target audience and share the age appropriate language skills.  They are little toys made out of bits and pieces.  They were made for brother and sister, Kit and Flo (our two presenters) when they were very young and one day they magically came to life.  Now our audience is invited to play with them too.

We have worked with Language Consultant Charlotte Raby who explains more about the educational rationale of the show here

Bitziboos has launched on a new Multi Channel preschool network TaDa Kids now.  Further channels are planned for TaDa and are currently in development here at Magic2Media.



The Royal Opera House has recently embarked on a pilot scheme to introduce dance into Primary Schools.  Teachers have been on a training day at The Opera House and, armed with lots of materials, ideas and advice have ten weeks to create a five minute dance with the children in their class.  Adastra Development filmed the content to support this initiative.    The short videos were hosted by Blue Peter star Radzi Chinyanganya who, having had a sports career prior to his meteoric rise to fame at CBBC, was the perfect choice to front this initiative and to inspire, particularly the boys, to become interested in the athleticism of ballet.

We were lucky to be able to interview Kevin O’Hare, the director of the Royal ballet, along with many of their principle dancers, including the very wonderful Lauren Cuthbertson and Darcey Bussell popped in to wish our young dancers good luck with the challenge.

With the success of this scheme we are delighted to be working with The Royal Opera House a second time in July 2016 on a project titled ‘Create & Sing Carmen’.



With our success last winter in partnering with Creative Skillset and their co-investment scheme to train young people in various areas of the industry and the production process, we are delighted to announce that we will be partnering for a second time. This summer we are commencing two schemes with Creative Skillset which will train successful applicants in Production Management, Editing, App Development and 2D Animation.